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Sean Chittenden sean at chittenden.org
Fri Nov 12 17:02:49 PST 2004

>> Yeah, I know it's strange.  Most people care about having their code
>> included in commercial products, I could care less.  I care about
>> making sure my bits stay out of GPL software.  I can't use GPL bits
>> because of their license[1], so why should I return the favor?
> How is this different from proprietary?    If you're BSDing, you're 
> allowing
> proprietary forks.   Why not allow a GPL fork?

A real proprietary fork will result integration into a product by a 
company.  That company will probably not want to retain the fixes (cost 
of maintenance, desire for reciprocity, etc.) and will kick the fix 
back to the main public tree.  A GPL project will likely not submit the 
change back to the BSD tree under a BSD license because of some damned 
fool of an ideological crusade.

Wouldn't you and the rest of the PostgreSQL developers be a tad happier 
if the PostGIS project was contributing its changes back to PostgreSQL? 
  I'd love to have GIS extensions in PostgreSQL, but I won't use PostGIS 
because it's GPL'ed.  I'm not about to integrate a GPL software project 
into my commercial product.  The GPL discriminates against capitalist 
entities that innovate.


Sean Chittenden

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