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Timo Ewalds timo at
Mon Nov 15 02:24:26 PST 2004

After several days work, I've finally got my site live on memcached. I 
do not know how well it performs yet, as it hasn't seen much load yet 
(only 800 users online, as compared to the max around 8000). I found a 
couple bugs in the php client though. Here is an updated version that 
fixes a couple minor bugs that lead to alot of warnings in the error 
log. They're all just places where unset variables are used when they 
shouldn't be. Sorry for not sending in a dif instead of the full thing. 
The bigger problem I noticed but have NOT fixed yet, is that get_multi 
doesn't always return all the values. I'm not sure what conditions lead 
to it yet, but I will look into it. If anyone else wants to check, some 
things to note are that I'm using multiple memcached servers (5 to be 
exact, all at equal weight), not all the keys exist beforehand, and only 
the last value is returned. When I replaced my get_multi call with 
several get calls it works just fine.

Thank you for this excellent program.

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