memcached in action

eric GERMAN eric.german at
Thu Sep 30 08:08:29 PDT 2004

hi , yesterday memcached   was entered in production on french  
Ministere of finances  (minefi) : 15000 when 50000 users.

I use  memcached for stocking  apache::session instead mysql .
today stats displays

STAT pid 22494
STAT uptime 63938
STAT time 1096560338
STAT version 1.1.11
STAT rusage_user 26:110000
STAT rusage_system 102:730000
STAT curr_items 12245
STAT total_items 24377
STAT bytes 25994631
STAT curr_connections 3
STAT total_connections 1506325
STAT connection_structures 25
STAT cmd_get 1477911
STAT cmd_set 24377
STAT get_hits 1477868
STAT get_misses 43
STAT bytes_read 83382274
STAT bytes_written 3141639077
STAT limit_maxbytes 1073741824

yes , memcached is'nt a fiable backend , bu my session expires with the  
windows of browser.

thanks for memcached team

I will work upon API  perl for memcached :
- callback function for the choise of bucket.
- just the fail over not the load balancing (a principal server + an 
another server for rescue) .

eric german

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