PHP-mcache 1.2.0 beta 4 public release

johnm johnm at
Thu Apr 28 17:11:26 PDT 2005

I've released a public beta of php-mcache 1.2.0, this is beta 4 as its 
the 4th build I've released 'internally' and to some select few who have 
been asking for it.  See:

As far as I'm concerned this is stable, and the beta status is due to 
the fact that it depends on libmemcache 1.3.x which is still in beta.  
Once Sean goes final with libmemcache 1.3.0 a final build of php-mcache 
1.2.0 will follow closely.

The features are:

1) Support for libmemcache 1.3.x betas (in fact it requires libmemcache 
 >= 1.3.0 beta 1)

2) Fixed to compile on compilers without C99 support (Thanks to Jacob 
Coby for pointing out this was the issue causing some people compilation 

3) Improved error handling -- libmemcache used to just output errors to 
stderr, now it lets clients hook in with callback functions to handle 
them more cleanly, and as such the php api can now use php's error 
handling for all errors/warnings.  This is much, much cleaner.

4) Fixed a minor memory leak in multi-get calls -- This would occur only 
on a miss inside of a multi-get and php's garbage collector would free 
the memory at the end of a request, but if you had a very large number 
of multi-get requests cause misses then you might run out of memory 
during a request in versions prior to 1.2.0 beta 4.

5) You get all the great enhancements Sean has added in the 1.3.0 beta 
branch of libmemcache!

An aside is that I've had numerous requests that the single get call 
should return NULL not FALSE on a miss, and would like some more 
feedback as to whether the community would prefer this.  I'm hesitant to 
break the api as some may already relay on the return of FALSE.  As 
always I welcome any feedback, bug reports or patches :)  I

John McCaskey

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