PHP-mcache 1.2.0 beta 4 public release

Patrick-Emmanuel Boulanger-Nadeau pbnadeau at
Thu Apr 28 19:15:40 PDT 2005

> An aside is that I've had numerous requests that the single get call
> should return NULL not FALSE on a miss, and would like some more
> feedback as to whether the community would prefer this.  I'm hesitant to
> break the api as some may already relay on the return of FALSE.  As
> always I welcome any feedback, bug reports or patches :)  I

We have been using memcache a lot. While we relied upon false from a
get miss, changing our whole code to checking if the value was null
wasn't that hard nor long. Finally, that enable to store false in
memcache. Is the newest version returning something (false / null) if
there is a miss on the incr/decr operation ?

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