PHP-mcache 1.2.0 beta 4 public release

johnm johnm at
Fri Apr 29 09:41:45 PDT 2005

Hi, see comments at the bottom...

Patrick-Emmanuel Boulanger-Nadeau wrote:


>We have been using memcache a lot. While we relied upon false from a
>get miss, changing our whole code to checking if the value was null
>wasn't that hard nor long. Finally, that enable to store false in
>memcache. Is the newest version returning something (false / null) if
>there is a miss on the incr/decr operation ?
Ah, yes this was another request that I forgot about!  I am releasing a 
1.2.0-beta5 momentarily with incr/decr operations which return FALSE 
instead of 0 on failures.  Officially anouncement coming shortly...

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