PHP-mcache 1.2.0 beta 5 public release

johnm johnm at
Fri Apr 29 09:50:11 PDT 2005

Ok, close on the heals of beta 4 comes beta 5. See


incr/decr operations now return FALSE when the key is not found rather 
than 0.  This has been a request from several places now and seems to 
make more sense as the operation is actually failing not creating a new 
key set to 0 or something along those lines.  This does create a minor 
API change and some users may need to fix their code to account for 
this.  However, since PHP considers FALSE == 0 to be true unless you are 
checking for 0 with a === you are likely ok without any changes.

And of course all the other stuff from the prior beta 4 emails applies!'

John McCaskey

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