PHP-mcache 1.2.0 beta 5 public release

Thomas - Lists thomas-lists at
Fri Apr 29 09:56:17 PDT 2005

johnm wrote:

> Ok, close on the heals of beta 4 comes beta 5. See
> Changes:
> incr/decr operations now return FALSE when the key is not found rather
> than 0.  This has been a request from several places now and seems to
> make more sense as the operation is actually failing not creating a
> new key set to 0 or something along those lines.  This does create a
> minor API change and some users may need to fix their code to account
> for this.  However, since PHP considers FALSE == 0 to be true unless
> you are checking for 0 with a === you are likely ok without any changes.
> And of course all the other stuff from the prior beta 4 emails applies!'
All that looks very nice and I'm considering switching from the
pecl-mcache-extension to that one.

But, is all that stuff like what each function returns on failure and
success documented somewhere?
I'm worried about expecting something which might not be returned at all
Some extensive documentation would make this extension even more useful
than it is already.



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