[Q: libmemcache] mirroring with *server_add*

Alexander Lazic al-memcached at none.at
Mon Aug 8 13:31:00 PDT 2005

On Mon 08.08.2005 13:19, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
>Memcached is not a database!

I know this.

>If you feel like you have to write this syncing, you're probably
>thinking about or using memcached in the wrong way.

What i want is the following:

We have a loadbalancer on two maschines with Sessionhandling.

At the moment we hold the sessions in memory but if one maschine crash
we loose all the session information of these loadbalancer (maschine).

My idea was to use in the loadbalancer the distributed memcache, so that
we don't loose the sessiondata.

Do you think that is the right way for memcached, or have you a better
solution for these problem?


al ;-)

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