[Q: libmemcache] mirroring with *server_add*

Sean Chittenden sean at gigave.com
Mon Aug 8 14:09:49 PDT 2005

> > An FYI from the non-danga R&D dept.  -sc
> Heh.  :) Fine by me.  I'm going to maintain that memcached shouldn't
> be trusted, though.  MySQL Cluster and real databases better fill
> that role.

*grin* I figured you wouldn't complain.  I haven't forgotten about
doing the perl-xs port of libmemcache and I'll post that sometime
soonish, but completely off the books since I went AWOL.  As an FYI
I've forked memcache, but am not going to release it until I'm done
with its overhaul.  I've got a full protocol state engine built that
extends from the client to the server and allows me to do crazy
OODB-like things, which is where I'm taking memcache.

I disagree about mysql being a real database.  I want my 100Kr/s per
client... and ACID compliance.  The price?  Giving up the notion of
sets and tables.  By the time I'm done with it, it won't look like
memcached except as a protocol compatibility layer.

> In the Danga R&D dept: avva added virtual bucket support to
> memcached, and I'm researching adding DNS-SD/"Bonjour" support to
> memcached, so you can just start them up and not do any
> configuration.

I'm going a different route: I've setup "pointers" and indirection so
that any client can talk to any memcached server and the memcached
server will relay the request (think mod_backhand) and transfer it
locally if the request access pattern justifies it.

> Then multiple "trackers" that themselves advertise using DNS-SD and
> the clients find.  The trackers then keep track of which backend
> nodes are alive and owning what buckets.  I was going to call this
> "managed mode" and make Cache::Memcached::Managed, but somebody else
> got that name, so I'm open for suggestions.  Maybe ::Trackers.

I'm going to a single server perspective where local servers can
actually do data caching or can just act as thin-proxies to other
servers that way I don't have to maintain server lists.

PS Did you ever get namespaces implemented?  That's something I've
added, though forgot to mention.

Have you moved down to SF yet?  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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