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Gareth Thomas garethdthomas at
Fri Dec 2 20:58:28 UTC 2005


we use memcached for a few different things at the company I work for. Now
we would like to use it for caching forum threads. The current software
works by created a php template for each thread and loading that of disk, so
I thought it would be a fairly simple change to store that template into
memcached. Problem is it seemed to work intermittently and now its stopped
working at all.

The files are a mixture of PHP and HTML, the test files I am using are no
more than 3/4k or around 96 lines of code.

I am using the Ryan Dean PHP client.

If I test the set function it returns false indicating a problem but no
error code.

I am frustrated because nothing has changed from what I was able to get
working earlier with at least 2 threads. I have restarted the service on our
test machine, checked everything looks good with the 'stats' command, where
I can see a few slabs with other data in them.

This is driving me nuts, does anyone have any idea what might be going on or
how I could troubleshoot this?

Gareth Thomas
<quattrofan at>
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