memcached for PHP session data

Denis Antipov antipovd at
Mon Dec 5 08:25:12 UTC 2005

Hello, folks

maybe this has come up sometime already, but haven't found any specific info
in the archives yet. I'm trying to cache the session data to our site using
memcached but once in a while, as in any cache the data would 'disappear'
and be overwritten by the new session data. I know this is not so reliable,
but at the same time the very old session data is not needed any more. The
problems is that even though the stats command indicate that bytes are at
about 50% of total_max_bytes the data is being lost on average about 20%. In
other words 20% of users logging in could be instantly logged out of the
site at one point or another. I've looked at the memcached code and it
appears that the data is queued based on the use priority and unless all
allowed space is allocated no data should be overwritten. What's can be
wrong then?

thanks in advance,

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