failed to daemon()

Brian Moon brianm at
Tue Dec 20 16:29:13 UTC 2005

(sorry Greg, did not reply to list.)

Greg Whalin wrote:
> Are you usning memcached from portage or did you dl and compile
> yourself?  We have been using the portage version w/ no problems.

Yes, it is emerged.  And we have other 2005.1 machines that are working.

> I would imagine that error is from the start-stop-deamon command in
> Gentoo?  Are you seeing any errors in your logs (/var/log/??) from
> the memcached startup?

No, the error comes from memcached.c:

if (daemonize) {
   int res;
   res = daemon(0, settings.verbose);
   if (res == -1) {
     fprintf(stderr, "failed to daemon() in order to daemonize\n");
     return 1;

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