Using memcached to cache subversion meta-data

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Feb 3 04:40:08 PST 2005

It's great to have a Python developer using Memcached... your next project
could be fixing up the Memcached python client.  :) Or at least
sanity-checking the code for us.

If I recall, the performance of it is pretty horrid... it does tons of
1-byte reads when reading responses from the server?  Evan was always
concerned about this:

    def readline(self):
        newlines = 0
        buf = ''
        while newlines < 2:
            char = self.socket.recv(1) # XXX does this buffer or is this slow?

Wanna look it over?

- Brad

On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 christopher at wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just thought I would let you know that I've found a unique use for
> memcached.  I'm using it to cache subversion meta-data queries.  This
> isn't a large scale scalability problem like those running massive sites
> like livejournal and meetup.  It simply solves a problem where a query
> doesn't change often, but takes a long time to complete.
> I have to say it is one of the easiest Open Source projects I've ever
> used.  It literally took about a 1/2 an hour to add support.  A custom
> solution would probably have taken days.  More information on that project
> is here:
> I'm so happy with it, that I'm considering using it in another context all
> together.  I working on a project to cache HTTP proxy rules for fast
> retrieval.  I planned on using shared memory, but I think your arguments
> against shared memory for web apps apply equally well to my app.
> I'll let you all know how it works out.
> Thanks for releasing it into Open Source....
> ==
> Christopher Baus

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