bad for sessions?

Perrin Harkins perrin at
Fri Feb 11 11:58:41 PST 2005

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 11:57 -0800, Josh Berkus wrote:
> User session info is stored in two places: in a database table, and in 
> memcached.   The database table gets updated only when the user logs on and 
> when the user logs off (or gets kicked off).  All updates on page loads, etc, 
> get updated in memcached.
> If the server goes down, I don't care whether I lose the information on who 
> reloaded a page 60 seconds before the server went off.

i.e. all the data you care about is stored somewhere else in addition to
memcached.  This is a sort of customized version of a write-through
cache.  That sounds like a good plan to me.  Blindly replacing a
database with memcached for sessions is what I think people should

- Perrin

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