[announce] dotnet-memcached client

Jason Rimmer jrimmer at irth.net
Mon Jan 31 15:02:11 PST 2005

	I've ported v1.1 of Mr. Whalin's Java memcached client to C# on the 
.NET/CLR platform.  It's tested with the bundled app on .NET v1.1sp1 and 
.NET v2.0 BETA with v1.1.11 of the memcached server.
     While functional I consider it ALPHA code as it's seen limited testing.


	Licensed LGPL, like the Java version it's based on, with copyright 
assigned to myself and Mr. Whalin.  I'd like to thank Mr. Whalin for his 
excellent memcached client.

	Bug reports, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

Jason Rimmer
jrimmer at irth dot net

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