[announce] php: mcache extensions 1.1.2

John McCaskey johnm at klir.com
Sun Jan 30 12:38:02 PST 2005

Once again I have the need to announce a quick bugfix release.
List member Xing reported that under heavy load his server appeared to be leaking connections when using the persistent interface to php mcache.  It turned out that when creating a persistent object I had a slight bug in the generation of the internally unique identifier for the object such that even if the php code passed the same unique id, it would not always end up generating the same internal id, and as such you could end up creating new persistent connections when one that matched your request already existed.  
I have updated the website http://www.klir.com/~johnm/php-mcache/ with version 1.1.2 which fixes this bug.  Anyone who is using the extension along with persistent connections is urged to update.  There is no impact to those who are using standard non persistent connections.
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