Faster way to serve up simple requests?

Jamie Burns fantasticjamieburns at
Sun Jul 10 04:57:39 PDT 2005

Could you not simply save the items as html pages into a filesystem (RAM 
based perhaps) to begin with from whichever process creates/manages these 
data objects?

And then access them as:


If you cannot change the way the pages are referenced (ie. you must use a 
GET parameter instead of a page name) then use Apache's URL rewrite so:




And then you don't even need to have the PHP engine compiled into, or 
invoked from Apache at all.

I would imagine that would be many, many times faster.


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Subject: Faster way to serve up simple requests?

I have an extremely simple page that basically takes one value passed
as a get, fetches that key from memcached and serves the result as a
page (the pages are less than 10KB each). There's basically no
processing involved and it's a page that gets hit numerous times per

Right now I'm using Apache + PHP + mcache (the PHP extension) to do
this simple fetch-from-memcached-and-serve routine but it seems
extremely wasteful to use apache and php for such a small, simple

My question is: are there any smaller (less resource consuming)
programs out there that can perform this task?

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