Performance when changing the length of a keys value. (It gets really bad.)

Xuefer xuefer at
Sat Jul 16 19:41:04 PDT 2005

On 7/17/05, Alex Stapleton <alexs at> wrote:
> I suppose I should mention that the server is on the same machine as
> the client as well.
> I doubt that an increase in the number of packets (unless >10 times
> more packets) is going to caused this sort of slow down. It really is
> 50-100 times slower than any of my normal tests show. Unless my
no idea, just by guessing.
> kernels TCP stack is just totally broken, which considering that no
> other network applications behave like this on this machine from what
> i've seen, I very much doubt. I will do some rough tests to see, just
> in case it is producing thousands of times more packets than it
> should be. I'm not even sure that packet size/count is an issue when
> using the loopback interface anyway?
cat /proc/net/dev ; sleep 10; cat /proc/net/dev
but count request times(not time) should be enough, not traffic in bytes
> On 15 Jul 2005, at 18:43, Xuefer wrote:
> > what if u count traffic in "packets" not in "bytes"?
> >

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