Constraints on Key Format?

Marcel Holan mh at
Thu Jul 28 04:19:02 PDT 2005


Disclaimer: not sure whether this is a bug or a feature, I wasn't also
able to find a similar topic in the Archives - but then again, I'm a
quite novice user of memcached (via the Perl-API - both newest
versions) so I certainly might have missed something.

It seems the key string cannot be any arbitrary string. At least I am
not able to issue a 

$memd->set("KEY 1",$out);

but have to replace the space with e.g. "_"

Is there any specific reason for this? I wanted to cache results of
(some) CLI-commands sent to a TCP server by the command string, which
of course contains spaces.
The problem with replacing spaces is twofold:

1) performance: transforming key on store/retrieval puts unnecessary
   strain on the system
2) syntax: the CLI syntax assumes spaces as integral part, it allows
   for almost any other char to be present, so it would not be
   sufficient to simply replace space to something else, but I'd have
   to start with some escape sequences making the performance issue
   even worse.

Any hints?

 best regards
  Marcel Holan

 project manager R&D
 PetaMem s.r.o., Ocelarska 1, 190 00 Praha, Czech Republic -

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