memcached Python API development status

Damon Hart dhcom at
Tue Mar 15 20:01:44 PST 2005

Hi all -

I have been using the memcached Python API (caching Python objects used 
by multiple machines constructed from data in a PostgreSQL database.) I 
have noticed both the request for maintainers of this code on the API 
web page and an external web page 
( suggesting 
that there was at least one other person interested in supporting this code.

I have some observations about the Python code and would like to see 
some features made accessible in Python implemented which are not 
present in the Python API.

Are patches posted to the memcached list appropriate in the absence of a 
designated maintainer?

What  are the pros and cons of maintaining the current Python API in 
comparison to a Python wrapper around libmemcache? The effort to update 
and add features to the all-Python API might be seen as superfluous in 
the presence of a libmemcache wrapper.  While I can suggest changes to 
the current API, I have no experience in creating a wrapper. Is anybody 
contemplating/working on one?



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