memcached and epoll vs. select

Gregory Block gblock at
Wed Mar 16 01:39:48 PST 2005

Due to a bug in the MacOS/X kernel in 10.3, the only safe function to 
use is select.  I do so with no difficulty whatsoever, other than the 
performance penalties associated with this.

Basically, they're all perfectly functional - whether or not the 
performance is acceptable is entirely a problem of the application 
domain, the number of parallel connections being processed, the 
activity of your application, etc.

So, in short, "suck it and see" is probably the right answer.  :)

On 15 Mar 2005, at 22:00, Sergio Salvatore wrote:

> Dear All,
> I've been testing memcached on a cluster of RedHat ES3
> boxes for a few weeks now without incident (PHP mcache
> C API).  ES3's kernel (2.4.21) apparently contains
> some backported stuff from the 2.6 series, but not
> epoll, which according to the documentation with
> memcached, seems practically necessary.
> My questions is, is epoll actually "necessary" or is
> it simply an optimization?  The benefits of epoll are
> clear, however, I'm not particularly psyched to
> rebuild the OS on all my web servers and standard
> select() seems to be working OK in my tests.  My
> application is not seeing LiveJournal-type loads, so
> would I be safe (as in no crashes) by skipping epoll?
> Has anybody tried this in production?
> Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> /sergio
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