Max connection

Batara Kesuma bkesuma at
Tue May 24 08:15:01 PDT 2005


We use memcached with Perl API for web application. Our application runs
on mod_perl, and the traffic is pretty high. We have 13 memcached
servers, with total memory = 25 GB. The get/second is about 400 per

Today I just added some mod_perl servers, and I noticed that sometimes I
can't connect to the memcached server. They had been running for months,
and I had never experienced something like this. I tried to telnet
directly, but I got connection time out. I wonder what is the max
connection to memcached server? Because I run it under mod_perl I think
the connections got cached? Any idea on what has happened?

By the way, I got everything back to normal (well.. almost), after I
took out the newly added mod_perl servers, and restarted memcached. Here
is the stats of one of my memcached server after being restarted. Thank
you very much.

[bkssh at teon ~]$ telnet 11211
Connected to sawu (
Escape character is '^]'.
STAT pid 23936
STAT uptime 3194
STAT time 1116947082
STAT version 1.1.11
STAT rusage_user 64:525190
STAT rusage_system 111:669023
STAT curr_items 451887
STAT total_items 1011827
STAT bytes 187102172
STAT curr_connections 866
STAT total_connections 3935
STAT connection_structures 871
STAT cmd_get 1951763
STAT cmd_set 1011827
STAT get_hits 1198467
STAT get_misses 753296
STAT bytes_read 286128914
STAT bytes_written 434908614
STAT limit_maxbytes 3758096384

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