Max connection

Jon Drukman jsd at
Tue May 24 09:47:42 PDT 2005

Batara Kesuma wrote:
> Today I just added some mod_perl servers, and I noticed that sometimes I
> can't connect to the memcached server. They had been running for months,
> and I had never experienced something like this. I tried to telnet
> directly, but I got connection time out. I wonder what is the max
> connection to memcached server? Because I run it under mod_perl I think
> the connections got cached? Any idea on what has happened?

default max connection is 1024.

with mod_perl you can have up to # of servers * # of apache 
threads/children simultaneous connections, so it's likely adding more 
servers bumped you over the 1024 connection limit.

when i try to telnet directly to a memcached with max connections, i get 
an instant "Connection closed by remote", it doesn't hang around and 


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