Protcol Additions

Paul Querna chip at
Thu Nov 17 09:45:53 PST 2005

Fabian Thylmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to discuss additions to the main protocol of memcached to
> allow two things:
> 1) wildcards in keys to get requests
> 2) wildcards in keys to delete requests

At least the 2nd one is important to me.  I have been calling this
feature 'name spaces' in my mind for awhile.

The basic concept is that all keys have an optional prefix. So, your
keys would look like "<name space>:<key>".  If the name space is omitted
it uses the name space of 'global'.

For me this is important because we store many different types of
objects in memcached, and there is no easy way to clear just those types
of objects.

I don't really want 'wildcards', because doing any type of regular
expression inside memcached in the path to Hellish pain, but I think a
prefix/name space system could be very helpful.


PS: I work for Ask Jeeves on  We are doing thousands of
requests per second to our memcached servers, and they have made a huge
difference in the performance of our site.  Thanks to everyone who works
on it.

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