64 bit large memory cache

Denis Antipov antipovd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 00:30:40 PST 2005

Andrei, "Spasibo" for the posting of the diff, it seems to be working on the
server with over 4 Gb of RAM.

I have another question however to followup the previous posting I was
wondering if someone has had a similar problem.

The reason I've updated memcache to support over 4 Gb of RAM is because I'm
having a session data loss, which I'm storing in memcache. The problem is
occuring primarily with AOL ISP subscribers, who appear to be accessing the
Internet via AOL proxy servers. This becomes a problem when their IP
addresses change and all of the session data stored for a particular session
on memcached to a particular Apache server disappears somewhere. This
results in a user being "disconnected" from their account on the portal. I
was wondering if someone, like people at www.Livejournal.com, faced a
similar problem and could advise on what to do about it. I even thought
about modifying memcached to use unix sockets (to speed the communication
process) and to make it run on the same box as the Apache servers
themselves, which would eliminate the communication congestion problem along
with the server accessing synchronized cache on memcached problem (as it
appears to be).

appreciate everyone's help.

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