Possible use for memcache?

Ivan Krstic krstic at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 28 03:43:06 PST 2005

mike wrote:
> - OCFS2 - Linux-specific - still not sure if this is
> production-stable, and good for webhosting, or basically designed only
> for RAC. Not mainline kernel supported either (have to use -mm patched
> kernels, or (K?)ubuntu)

I understand OCFS2 is indeed production quality, and Fabio and I decided
to keep it in the Ubuntu kernel for the next release, which we will be
supporting on servers for five years. If you settle on OCFS2, you're
safe for at least that long on Ubuntu.

> I believe by making some sort of middle layer as a traffic cop (for
> lack of a better metaphor) could allow for n+1 scaling, a simplistic
> but effective way to fence I/O requests from conflicting with each

I already pointed out to you that 'simplistic' is wishful thinking. Such
a middle layer would have to be a fancy reverse proxy that keeps track
of lookups between all servers, and enough state to translate between
the filehandles. All your NFS traffic would wind up going through it, so
you've traded in one network bottleneck for another.

> I hope that explains it better.

Not without an explanation of what your physical storage backend is
like. I'm still under the impression you're coming up with solutions in
search of a problem.

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