PHP memcached extension

Russ Garrett russ at
Sun Sep 4 05:26:31 PDT 2005

Joel Lee wrote:

> I am using this and it works great.  I'm not sure if the "best" PHP 
> API is some topic of hot debate or not, I assume there must have been 
> some problem or the links wouldn't have been pulled. 
> Anyway, my vote is for this, an actual PHP extension.  To me, this 
> seems the most formal, recognized effort to bring memcached to the PHP 
> environment.

The main issue with that extension is that it doesn't have built-in 
multi-server support. The "mcache" 
( extension is better 
feature-wise, and it's also based on the fairly widely-used libmemcache.

Having said that, we do use that extension at the moment, with our own 
multi-server wrapper class around it. We're trying to move to the mcache 
extension currently.


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