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Mon Apr 3 12:07:29 UTC 2006


I have just started working with MemCached and love it so far.  I am trying to switch from Apache::Session::MySQL to Apache::Session::Memcached and it works -- increases speed about 20% actually.

The problem is this... Apache::Session::Memcached (ASM) does not seem to have any checks to see if MemCached exists or is functioning.  If ASM cannot reach memcached, it just acts as if the session ID does not exist or is invalid, and creates a new one... I have no idea that it failed and to me it just looks like I received a new visitor to my site.

I am not sure if this is a flaw in ASM, or if the perl libraries for MemCached don't return errors when memcached fails?  Am I missing something?

To compound the problem -- I am using mod_perl/mason, and it seems that each child process keeps a connection open to memcached on a visit.  If I kill and then restart memcached, and do not HUP apache, all the connections to memcached are stale and "bad".  ASM keeps trying to get/set data in memcached using the old stale handles and the session IDs keep failing over and over again (when they just just fix themselves on the next hit).  If I HUP apache after restarting memcached, everything works fine again.

I realize that ASM is a secondary product to memcached, however I can't seem to find anywhere to get help with ASM and this seems like the best location.

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