Memory Ceiling

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Wed Aug 9 18:48:21 UTC 2006

Memcached doesn't have a config file per se (must be something the 
Debian guys added) so the first thing to look at is what command line 
parameters are getting passed to the actual memcached process. The one 
you want to look at is "-m", which controls the cache size. If you run 
"memcached -m 1024" then the cache should grow up to 1GB.

As for using all three of your servers, that is most likely a client 
configuration issue. The client is responsible for choosing which server 
to use for a particular key; if the client is only configured to know 
about one of the servers, it will never contact the other two.


Brett Richter wrote:
> I'm sure this has been asked a million times but we seem to be running 
> up against a memory ceiling on memcached.  We use it to cache dynamic 
> content of our website.  No matter how high I set the memory limit in 
> the conf file it never goes higher than 700mb (give or take).  We 
> definitely need more than that as any hit that doesn't hit the cache 
> is going to the database and its getting overwhelmed at times.
> A bit about our setup. We have 3 servers running memcached, both set 
> to 1024mb memory.  It seems that it's really only using 1 server right 
> now (looking into why its not using the pool of 3), so I really need 
> to get one up to like 3gb till we can look at the code and see why its 
> not using the memcache pool better (or at all).
> Systems are Debian Stable 64 using one of their packaged memcached 
> installs version 1.1.12-1 of memcache
> Sorry if this seems cryptic of not enough detail I'm the sysadmin not 
> the developer of the back end content manager.
> Any help would be great!
> Thanks!

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