Distribution of data based on traffic

Adam Dixon adamtdixon at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 03:00:22 UTC 2006


On 12/3/06, Jamie McCarthy <jamie at mccarthy.vg> wrote:
> ...I've thought
> for a while that clients should support an API that will optionally
> write a key to all servers at once, and optionally read a key from
> any server at random.  No server code change would be required.  If
> an application didn't want to use this feature, no client code
> change would be required either.
> If I threw together a patch for Cache::Memcached to do this, would
> anyone be interested?

I would be interested in that feature, write to all, read from random,
but I would also want to be able to specify which memcache server to
read from still. So that a choice of the 'closest' memcached is made,
such as localhost instead of accross the network.


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