Is this insane?

mike mike503 at
Sun Dec 3 09:47:02 UTC 2006

I'm looking at strategies to cache some data, and I just want to run
this by people to see how they use it or if what I'm thinking is just

Does it sound crazy to have 30-50 gets per page load? I'm thinking of
caching each row in a database basically treating it as an object
based on the primary key. Then fetching the cached information based
on a list of IDs (basically saving a query of SELECT allthedata FROM
allthetables WHERE PK IN(key1,key2,key3))

I mean, not all pages will have this - but pages with lists of data
would; and each item in the list would basically be a row of precached
data in the database; it would have to be sorted/ordered and such
differently, so it wouldn't necessarily make sense to just cache the
entire result set as-is, I'm thinking row-based would be the most
effective way.



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