How to get all the keys from servers?

Jed Reynolds lists at
Mon Dec 4 21:19:39 UTC 2006

Brian Moon wrote:
> Jed Reynolds wrote:
>> I'd have a use for a method to get all keys as well. For instance, if I
>> wanted to store all the IPs that hit my webserver, and how many times,
> Isn't that what web logs are for?
Grepping, awking and sorting thru gigs of logfiles isn't as quick as I'd
like it to be. I've also considered piping apache logs thru syslog-ng
and running it thru a filter. There's a lot of ways to analyze traffic.
Memcache might fill a need pretty easily. Otherwise I'd have to write a
PHP daemon or something and have to deal with sockets and timing out
data and that's hardly worth the distraction.


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