Subject: Re: How to get all the keys from servers?

Jason Pirkey jason at
Mon Dec 4 21:43:19 UTC 2006


If you are analyizing for attacks, it would be easier to do a real time
analysis with memcached, because at that point you will have the IP address
you are looking for -- do a hit to memcache to get its counter and act
accordingly (saving it to the database for later analysis if it hits a
certain threshold for instance.  This way you will not have to do scanning
of memcache and post processing.

-- Jason Pirkey (jason at

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> Subject: Re: How to get all the keys from servers?
> Brian Moon wrote:
> > Jed Reynolds wrote:
> >> I'd have a use for a method to get all keys as well. For instance, if I
> >> wanted to store all the IPs that hit my webserver, and how many times,
> >
> > Isn't that what web logs are for?
> >
> Grepping, awking and sorting thru gigs of logfiles isn't as quick as I'd
> like it to be. I've also considered piping apache logs thru syslog-ng
> and running it thru a filter. There's a lot of ways to analyze traffic.
> Memcache might fill a need pretty easily. Otherwise I'd have to write a
> PHP daemon or something and have to deal with sockets and timing out
> data and that's hardly worth the distraction.
> Jed
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