Subject: Re: How to get all the keys from servers?

Jason Pirkey jason at
Mon Dec 4 23:51:46 UTC 2006

Yes -- every X number of requests over the initial threshold -- a simple if
and mod.

On 12/4/06, Jed Reynolds <lists at> wrote:
> Jason Pirkey wrote:
> > Jed:
> >
> > If you are analyizing for attacks, it would be easier to do a real
> > time analysis with memcached, because at that point you will have the
> > IP address you are looking for -- do a hit to memcache to get its
> > counter and act accordingly (saving it to the database for later
> > analysis if it hits a certain threshold for instance.  This way you
> > will not have to do scanning of memcache and post processing.
> Good idea, Jason, thanks! So if I'm tracking a high volume IP the way to
> track them is to record their status to database every 1,000 requests
> (e.g.) and not every request over the threshold.
> Jed
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