namespace bids

Cahill, Earl ecahill at
Fri Feb 3 18:02:20 UTC 2006

> This is exactly the way we are doing "wildcard"-deletes inside the
> memcache. However, but many suggest (and i basically agree with them),
> is that you are storing probably duplicate data in relatively
> caching-memory. Since memcache is used for caching, it means that the
> original keys are stored inside probably a db-table. If there are
> changes (everything from table "fred" should be deleted), it's
> best to delete all rows from fred and simultaneously delete the proper
> key from the cache as well.
> For instance:
> The query "delete * from articles where category=15" should not be
> instead:
> select * from articles where category=15
> while fetchrow result
>   delete row.article_id
>   cache->delete (namespace.article_id)
> end
> This would eliminate the need for an existing table inside the

Well, our cache is more a cache of the combination of several sets of
things, some of which aren't inside a database.  Like saving SOAP calls
to our 'fred' server, and on the SOAP side, only some of the stuff is in
a database.  


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