namespace bids

Cahill, Earl ecahill at
Thu Feb 9 17:28:57 UTC 2006

Well, my initial message had an open bounty in it, and I have had no
takers, so good luck with that :)  

In fact, the reason for my subject line was because I envisioned
developers submitting bids to get namespaces in memcached.  Then I
envisioned the changes getting accepted into trunk.  But alas, here we
are.  No luck on the first vision and no word on whether the second
vision would have any chance of occurring even if the first vision did.


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> Cahill, Earl wrote:
> >> So what was the consensus on this? You must roll your own by
> >> cached keys in an external DB?
> >
> > That is what it is sounding like to me.  I have yet to get any
> > on the Cache::Memcached::Namespace solution that I proposed.  I also
> > the feeling that brad really doesn't want to have memcached have
> > anything to do with namespaces.  Brad?  You out there?
> I hope Brad has just been busy :)
> FWIW, at my $work we are considering just posting an open bounty to
> some specific namespace-like features.  So you definitely aren't alone
> in wanting this.
> -Paul

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