namespace bids

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Feb 9 19:29:10 UTC 2006

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, Cahill, Earl wrote:

> > So what was the consensus on this? You must roll your own by storing
> > cached keys in an external DB?
> That is what it is sounding like to me.  I have yet to get any feedback
> on the Cache::Memcached::Namespace solution that I proposed.  I also get
> the feeling that brad really doesn't want to have memcached have
> anything to do with namespaces.  Brad?  You out there?

I'm out here.  Sorry, wasn't following this thread for awhile now because
I thought it was a different list.  Kinda swamped lately.

BUT ... we have a bunch of memcached changes that we've been wanting, and
proper namespaces is one of them.  Bigger is the vbucket work (which
avva's already done, but we need a tracker), and a binary protocol, at
least for gets.

We'd be happy to take patches upstream, assuming there's a bit of planning
first in the public, and not a huge code dump.

- Brad

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