CPU Load, kernel, and hardware questions

Maxim Mass smsmaxster at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 05:26:31 UTC 2006

I'm currently working on 'remastering' a knoppix cd to create diskless nodes
that we can easily bring up. Do you know offhand if the standard knoppix
kernel comes with EPoll enabled or will I have to recompile?

On 1/8/06, Paul Querna <chip at corelands.com> wrote:
> Maxim Mass wrote:
> > First of all, big thanks to everyone contributing to this project --
> > this is a truly cool idea and it's helping our site performance a hell
> > of a lot.
> >
> > I'm currently running 10 3ghz Xeon machines with -- temporarily -- a gig
> > of ram each on the 2.4 kernel. My concern is that I'm seeing an average
> > of about 40% system cpu usage with only 2% usermode usage. Looking at
> > the stats, each box is being hit at roughly 1100 get/set requests a
> > second and reading about 71kb/s while writing 361kb/s.  Would moving to
> > 2.6 reduce cpu load? Turning off hyperthreading?
> 2.6 will reduce CPU load, assuming you have EPoll enabled correctly.
> -Paul
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