Perl client rewrite (2.0-rc1)

Elizabeth Mattijsen liz at
Thu Jan 19 20:02:39 UTC 2006

At 7:15 PM +0100 1/19/06, Gerard Goossen wrote:
>We have rewritten the perl memcached client.
>New features:
>- Faster (about twice as fast).
>- UTF-8 supported.
>- tests.
>- We can read the code
>- More documentation
>We have been running the new clients one our servers for a few weeks
>without any (memcached related) problems.
>I should work as a drop in replacement for the current perl client.
>But it would be nice, if some more people could test it.
>There is still room for some more performance improvements, but it would
>be nice to know that everything works (outside the universe of our few
>server), before doing that.

Way cool!

I wonder whether Cache::Memcached::Managed

works with your version.  It has quite an extensive test-suite.

I won't be getting back to using memcached for at least another 3 
weeks, unfortunately, so I don't have the time right now to do this 
myself.  But rest assured we will give this a chance of getting used 
in production!


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