Attempting to determine usage from hosts

timeless time at
Fri Jan 20 00:40:16 UTC 2006

I have three hosts that are using Memcached. Memcached is running by 
itself on a single server (for now). When I do netstat, I can see 
connections from all three hosts to my port 11211 on the Memcached machine.

However, when I look at query timings, only one of the three hosts 
appears to be getting benefit from the usage of Memcached.

In my troubleshooting, I up'd the Memcached log level to -vv. However, 
what that outputs is something like this (I've grep -v'd all "version" 

<69 get thinger
 >69 sending key thinger
 >69 END
<69 get thanger
 >69 sending key thanger
 >69 END
<363 connection closed.
<187 get foobarbaz
 >187 sending key foobarbaz
 >187 END
<355 connection closed.
<83 connection closed.

I'm trying to figure out what 69, 363, 187, 355, 83 correspond to. I 
really want to get from this output to which machine (IP address? MAC 
address?) is doing the request.

Looking at the source code, I see that's just "sfd," which I guess 
stands for "socket file descriptor." Unfortunately, since I never was an 
OS programmer, that's kind of the extent of what I can figure.

Also, if I'm just going about this the wrong way, any other help would 
be appreciated. The memcache->getExtendedStats() doesn't seem to have 
any per-host stats for me, either.

Thanks in advance for any pointers or tips.


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