Does a "Memcached backed on a database" exists ?

Arnaud Connois arnaud-memcached at
Sun Jan 22 18:51:57 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I'm a great fan of memcached, and currently using it in many of my high 
loaded websites. The combination of a PHP/MySQL/Memcached dev is 
wonderful, even if the bottleneck is always on the mysql database.

I was wondering if somebody knew about a memcached version backed on 
database files.

The idea would be to have the objects in memcached also stored into a 
BerkelyDB, for ultra fast reading in RAM but also synced regularly on 
disk in a good database backend. This would prevent the cache from going 
away when memcached is shutted down, and could act not only as a cache 
but also as a database for storing objects.

While googling I came across something called Tugela Cache based on 
memcached (  that seems to do 
exactly just that, but it seems dedicated to Mediawiki use only. The 
idea is here, and I wondered if there was a more generic implementation 
of that concept ?

Any hints, URLs would be welcome.

Great thanks, and again thanks for the wondefull work the memcached dev 
team does.


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