Does a "Memcached backed on a database" exists ?

Ivan Krstic krstic at
Sun Jan 22 18:58:07 UTC 2006

Arnaud Connois wrote:
> This would prevent the cache from going
> away when memcached is shutted down, and could act not only as a cache
> but also as a database for storing objects.

Memcached is not a database. It's not designed to be a database, and
while it's impossible to keep you from using it as one, you'll probably
get burned unless you know *exactly* what you're doing. Make sure you
understand the implications.

> While googling I came across something called Tugela Cache based on
> memcached (  that seems to do
> exactly just that, but it seems dedicated to Mediawiki use only.

There is absolutely nothing MediaWiki-specific to Tugela; I don't know
where you got the idea. Tugela simply replaces memcached's allocator
with a Berkeley database; the change is far too low in the stack to
easily be able to be MediaWiki-specific.

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