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Jacques Caron jc at
Mon Jul 3 10:00:12 UTC 2006


At 22:47 02/07/2006, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
>There are some slow paths in parsing that could be sped up, for sure, but
>most attempts to make it faster have thrown out the baby with the
>bathwater: they're really fast but don't handle any of the error
>conditions, some not even doing multi-server support.
>Artur started writing the parsing in XS recently, but got sidetracked.

We have a version using libmemcached that we have been using in 
production for a little while with great success (it did decrease CPU 
usage quite considerably when compared to the pure-Perl client). One 
drawback was the fact that libmemcached uses multiple servers 
sequentially, which did increase latency quite considerably, but we 
fixed that recently.

I just uploaded the module (Cache::Memcached::XS) to CPAN, you'll find it here:

It's my first attempt at XS or at packaging a module for CPAN, so any 
feedback is welcome!

I've sent the patch for libmemcache to Sean, let me know if you want 
to test it before it gets into a release.


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