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Harmen harm at
Mon Jul 3 08:47:38 UTC 2006

On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 10:21:25PM +0200, Marcel Holan wrote:
> Hi,
> we haven't looked for a long time on Cache::Memcached (yeah the Perl Client), because it simply works
> for us. But of course one does not want to be potentionally inefficient, so
> before I'll have a look at the new Perl-Client (allegedly 2times as fast as
> Cache::Memcached on CPAN - but not according to your tests).
> Well I had a brief look at Cache::Memcached 1.18 on CPAN. Uuuuh - oooh....
> Clearly written way before the days of PBP.
> Clearly written by a Non-Perlie.
> Clearly improvable.
> Strange. I thought Tree::Nary (on CPAN) which we have re-written for our own
> use and lowered its space requirements by a factor of eight and improved its
> speed by a factor of 10-20 (depending on operation) was an exception.
> - Never use "return undef"
> - Never use for-push, use map instead
> - fields?
> - shift instead @_; $_[x] instead shift
> - ...

'our' version is not on CPAN (yet?), but you can find it here:
You should take the 2.0-rc3 version. (That's pure perl)
You can find a XS based one there as well (MemcacheC-1.1), but there seems to be a weird
bug in it. We use the perl version in production.

We would like to release it on cpan, if possible as the offical 2.0
version. Brad?

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