Perl Client

Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Jul 3 16:00:59 UTC 2006

> 'our' version is not on CPAN (yet?), but you can find it here:
> You should take the 2.0-rc3 version. (That's pure perl)
> You can find a XS based one there as well (MemcacheC-1.1), but there seems to be a weird
> bug in it. We use the perl version in production.
> We would like to release it on cpan, if possible as the offical 2.0
> version. Brad?

That reminded me that I did not know what client I used in my command
line tests.  I checked and it was this 2.0-rc3 client.  So, I posted
stats from the current CPAN client as well.

Harmen, can you look at the other tests I ran and the results I got with
your client?  I am not sure why the performance gap was not the same for
them as it was in this command line test.


Brian Moon
Its good to be cheap =)

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