ANNOUNCE: memcached Cacti template for graphing stats output

Daniel Beckham dbeckham-memcached at
Wed Jul 5 16:17:14 UTC 2006

memcached Cacti Template - Version 1.0

This template provides a host template and associated graphs for 
graphing the output of the memcached stats command on individual 
memcached installations.

Graphs are provided for Bytes Used with total capacity, Cache Hits and 
Misses per second, Current Connections, Items Cached, Inbound and 
Outbound Network Traffic (bits per second), and Requests per Second for 
both the get and set commands.

* Screen shots:
* Download:
* Installation:

Comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports are all welcome. Let me 
know what you think.

-Daniel Beckham - How to go broke saving money.

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