ANNOUNCE: memcached Cacti template for graphing stats output

Thomas (Lists) thomas-lists at
Thu Jul 6 19:33:44 UTC 2006

Hi Daniel,

thanks for that template. It finally convinced me to work with cacti
again ;-).
If only gentoo would provide the python-memcached-client but with your
copy&paste instructions it was installed in seconds (even though I never
worked with python before).

No problems found so far and its a great view of the memcached-stats :).


Daniel Beckham wrote:
> memcached Cacti Template - Version 1.0
> This template provides a host template and associated graphs for
> graphing the output of the memcached stats command on individual
> memcached installations.
> Graphs are provided for Bytes Used with total capacity, Cache Hits and
> Misses per second, Current Connections, Items Cached, Inbound and
> Outbound Network Traffic (bits per second), and Requests per Second
> for both the get and set commands.
> * Screen shots:
> * Download:
> * Installation:
> Comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports are all welcome. Let
> me know what you think.
> -Daniel Beckham
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