ANNOUNCE: memcached Cacti template for graphing stats output

timeless time at
Fri Jul 7 00:48:20 UTC 2006

Thomas (Lists) wrote:

>thanks for that template. It finally convinced me to work with cacti
>again ;-). If only gentoo would provide the python-memcached-client but with your
>nearly copy&paste instructions it was installed in seconds (even though I never
>worked with python before).
This set of Memcached Cacti scripts require installing Python and the 
Python Memcached API. If that's a bit egregious (Cacti is written in 
PHP), you can also use the Cacti Memcached Graph templates that Digg uses:

I actually considered installing those Cacti templates to compare 
against ours, until I realised I'd need to get the Python Memcached API 
installed and working.

I'm not convinced the Digg graphs are any better (and given ours are 
missing the #connections, arguably worse), but they might be easier to 


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