ANNOUNCE: memcached Cacti template for graphing stats output

Daniel Beckham dbeckham-memcached at
Fri Jul 7 01:42:15 UTC 2006

timeless wrote:
> This set of Memcached Cacti scripts require installing Python and the 
> Python Memcached API. If that's a bit egregious (Cacti is written in 
> PHP), you can also use the Cacti Memcached Graph templates that Digg 
> uses:
To be fair most modern Linux distributions are distributed with Python
and even Mac OS X comes with 2.3 installed by default.   The
installation of the Python memcached client API is no more egregious
than installing the PHP memcached requirement for the Digg graphs.

pecl install memcached
python ./ install

> I actually considered installing those Cacti templates to compare 
> against ours, until I realised I'd need to get the Python Memcached 
> API installed and working.
If you really are interested in checking them out, don't let the API
requirement scare you away.   There isn't really any need to "get it
working" as it just works.  After extracting the tarball, it's really
only a one liner with a 30 second wait.

-Daniel Beckham - How to go broke saving money.

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